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Unit 1 Documents

*Please note: The Description of Duties and Allocation of Hours Form must be opened in Adobe Reader. Opening the form directly from an email attachment or from a web browser will only work if the email client or web browser is set to use Adobe to open PDF files. If the email client or the browser uses its own built-in PDF reader, the fillable fields will not activate and the ‘Print’ and ‘Submit by Email’ buttons will not function. Once in Adobe, all fields should become fillable and the form can be edited, saved and printed at will.

When completing the form, particularly on the first page, it is important to start at the far left-hand side and complete all columns in a row from left to right. Skipping the first column (where the number of items/activities is listed) will mean that the automatic totalling function in the subsequent columns will not work.

The signature fields are meant for the inclusion of digital signatures. If signing a hard copy, an ‘X’ may appear in the signature boxes when the form is printed. This is normal, and can simply be signed over.

Unit 1 Centralized Electronic Job Posting Board


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CUPE Local 3902, Unit 3

Unit 3 Documents

Unit 3 Centralized Electronic Job Posting Board


Training Video – Posting CUPE 3902 Unit 3 Positions to Taleo