Taleo Resources & Documentation

Taleo is the University of Toronto’s Applicant Tracking System. It is used for Staff and Faculty job postings, electronic job applications, applicant review, and tracking applicant progression.

The primary activities performed in this application include:

  • Creating and facilitating approval for Requisitions (a.k.a. job postings / academic searches)
  • Posting Requisitions to the university’s Career Sections (job boards)
  • Reviewing Job Applications
  • Tracking Applicant Progress

Link for job applicants: http://careers.hrandequity.utoronto.ca/ 

Link for Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and Academic Search Committees: https://utoronto.taleo.net/

Demos & Videos

Example videos, webinar recordings, and other interactive resources can be found on the Taleo Demos & Videos page.

Resources for HR Recruiters

Resources for Hiring Managers

Resources for Business Officers / Payroll Officers

Help Desk

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